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Dinosaur Jr. covers Phoenix, releases signature J. Mascis tennis shoe

Dinosaur Jr. has recorded and released its own version of Phoenix’s new single, “Entertainment” and, surprisingly enough, it wasn’t done in malice. Apparently Phoenix frontman Thomas Mars has been a fan of the prehistoric band since he first saw it in 1991, and he and Dinosaur frontman J. Mascis have developed a sort of mutual appreciation society. Mascis and company’s “remix” of “Entertainment” is really just a sleepy cover, but it’s pretty solid all the same.


In semi-related news, Mascis has teamed with vegan shoe company Keep to produce a custom purple sneaker. Each pair has embroidery on the back to mimic one of Mascis’ guitar straps and comes with a 7-inch picture disc featuring one of Mascis’ previously unreleased tracks.

Proceeds from the sale of the $75 shoe will go toward Amma, a global poverty-fighting non-profit. The shoe company has previously collaborated with Animal Collective and Bon Iver.

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