Diners (Photo by: Bob Vielma)

Songs about skateboarding are rarely relaxed. Songs like “Skate And Destroy,” “Possessed To Skate,” and “Skate Or Die” make the act of rolling around on four wheels not a leisure activity, but an all-consuming ethos. With “Fifteen On A Skateboard,” Diners focuses on the light-hearted joy of bombing a hill. The A.V. Club is premiering the song below, which is taken from Three, Diners upcoming album on Asian Man Records due out September 16. On the track Tyler Broderick is found jangling his way through the type of breezy pop song that could be found on a Mac DeMarco record—or, for the old schoolers, something akin to Harry Nilson. ”Fifteen On A Skateboard” paints a vivid picture of youth, where teenagers chase simple pleasures, like the wind in their hair or a two-stair set that’s just begging to be ollied.

Pre-orders for Three are available now through Asian Man Records.