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Screenshot: Urban Legend (YouTube)

According to Deadline, What Keeps You Alive director Colin Minihan has been tapped to direct a reboot of ‘90s horror classic Urban Legend, and also he has a hook for a hand! And the truck driving behind you wasn’t tailgating you, it was trying to warn you! And there are alligators in the sewers! Actually, that stuff’s not true, but Minihan is making a new Urban Legend movie… or is he? (Yes, he is.)


Deadline says this new take on the movie will “introduce an iconic new slasher for the digital age in a world where internet urban legends are born and move at a terrifying pace.” In other words, it’s going to be a whole “creepypasta” thing, with Deadline’s synopsis mentioning that it involves college kids getting murdered under mysterious circumstances that “resemble urban legends linked to the darkest corners of social media.” The project is “on a fast track,” so we should start hearing more about this soon. As for Minihan, he seems pretty stoked about this, having tweeted just a few days ago that people are “going to flip shit” when they find out what he’s “about to reboot.”

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