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Did fans figure out how King Tommen will inevitably die on Game Of Thrones?

Game Of Thrones

Cool pointy chair aside, “king of Westeros” is a pretty crappy job. Sure, the perks are nice, but between disloyal bodyguards, rampaging boars, and the ever-present threat that someone might invite you to a wedding, job security for the position is a load of crap. Surprisingly, though, the fictional country’s latest king, Tommen, first of his name, has managed to hold the throne for what’s coming up on two seasons. That offensive, improbable longevity has set the fans to speculating: How is Tommen ultimately going to pop his clogs?

As usual, Reddit has the answer—even if this particular bit of speculation doesn’t have the same intellectual rigor as the one where they suggested Hodor might secretly be a magical horse. The theorizing centers on the Frankenstein-esque figure of Ser Robert Strong—theorized to be The Mountain—the mute, physically imposing creature that smashes the brains of anyone who challenges Cersei Lannister (or pedantically points out that he’s actually Frankenstein’s Monster-esque).


As posited by user Matt_Something, the theory suggests that Strong’s unthinking devotion to Cersei might lead Ser Robert to do that thing he does, smashing the kid’s head when he inevitably defies her—probably due to her ongoing rivalry with his wife, Margaery. That would fulfill the prophecy hanging over Cersei’s head—the one that says she’ll lose everything to some future queen—while also fitting nicely into a world where every awful thing is Cersei Lannister’s fault. (Bonus prophecy points: Cersei’s kids are supposed to have “gold for shrouds,” and Ser Robert’s armor is notably made of gold.)

Will it come true? Who knows. But you might want to keep an eye out on Reddit when you’re looking to make a bet in the Game Of Thrones dead pool next week.

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