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Law And Order: Special Victims Unit

In the world of TV, shows executive produced by Dick Wolf are considered especially profitable, which is why NBC is happy to just keep throwing money at him and his ever-expanding Law And Order/Chicago Whatever universe. According to Deadline, NBC and Wolf have just signed a new five-year deal, ensuring that Wolf will continue to dominate television through 2020. As part of the deal, Law And Order: SVU has been picked up for a 19th season and newcomer Chicago Med has received a second season. Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. were renewed late last year, and NBC just announced that another Chicago spinoff, tentatively titled Chicago Law, is in the works as well. Maybe by the time this deal runs out, NBC will just hand Dick Wolf the keys to the whole network. He could easily executive produce The Voice, Saturday Night Live, and the gritty reboot of The Office that NBC will be airing by 2020 as well.

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