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Dick Wolf wants to turn Oxygen into an all-crime channel

Chicago P.D.

According to Variety, Law & Order and Chicago Fire/P.D./Whatever mastermind Dick Wolf is having “discussions” with NBCUniversal about transforming the Oxygen network into an Investigation Discovery-style hotbed of crime and villainy. Specifically, the Variety story says his vision is to make Oxygen into a “crime-centric outlet,” and it would naturally be “anchored” by Wolf’s many crime-related drama shows.

Now, a female-oriented network like Oxygen suddenly being taken over by a man whose name is literally Dick Wolf might seem a bit too on-the-nose for 2016, but these discussions are apparently still “in the early stages.” That means a deal might not happen, but considering that the network already has a regular block of true-crime shows called “Crime Time” that airs four days a week, the transition to an entirely crime-based schedule won’t actually be too much of a change. Plus, if this happens, they could take up a ton of time with Law & Order and Chicago Whatever marathons. After all, if there’s one thing TV needs, it’s more networks that constantly air endless marathons of Dick Wolf shows.


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