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Though Jimmy Fallon playfully tousling the loose pile of cat fur on Donald Trump’s head was probably the most famous instance of NBC totally fawning over the now-president-elect, it’s far from the only example. One of the more interesting ones is the saga of “Unstoppable,” a Law & Order: SVU episode based around the many sexual assault allegations that have been directed at Trump. The episode was supposed to air in early October, but then NBC bumped it until after the election. Once Trump won, NBC bumped it into this year with an indefinite air date, offering up a handful of scheduling excuses that prevented the network from airing it any earlier.

With Trump’s inauguration coming this week, NBC still hasn’t aired the episode or announced when people might be able to see it, but during a Television Critics Association panel today, Law & Order mastermind Dick Wolf explained that he “suspects” it will air in the spring. That being said, he also repeatedly indicated that he really has no idea, adding that he has “not been informed” by the network, that he never pressures NBC to “schedule anything in a specific way,” and that he has no say in the scheduling anyway.


It’s the sort of “don’t ask me” response that makes it sound like Wolf couldn’t care less about whether or not NBC ever airs “Unstoppable,” which it probably won’t.

[via Deadline]


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