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Dick Wolf declares Chicago Law over NBC viewers

This doesn't look cramped enough (Image: NBC)

After successfully dramatizing the lives of the detectives of just about every police precinct in New York in the many iterations of Law & Order, Dick Wolf moved on to building a TV empire in a new city—Chicago. But the veteran producer, no longer satisfied with focusing on burnt-out detectives and newly-minted prosecutors, has since designated an individual series to each of the public service/emergency personnel factions into which all Chicagoans are sorted at birth, which have so far been Law Enforcement, Firefighting, and Medicine. Now at long last, Wolf (and NBC) is ready to highlight that noblest of professions—the (practice of) law.

According to Deadline, NBC has issued a writ of habeas corpus (i.e., is fast-tracking) for Chicago Law (that’s a working title). The success of the rest of Wolf’s first-responder shows reportedly inspired NBC to move forward with the show, which Wolf has hinted at for a while, and whose premise he alluded to as recently as last November. There’s no word on a cast yet, but whoever answers the call will join the members of Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Med in the hall of heroes, as well as one of the preprogrammed numbers on your phone.


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