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Diane Lane didn’t mean to suggest that The Avengers is better than Justice League

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After the critically pooh-poohed trio Man Of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and Suicide Squad, there is reason to be wary of Justice League, the coming omnibus entry in the DCEU. So when even Diane Lane seemed to think it wasn’t going to be as good as rival superhero team-up flick The Avengers, the moment was perfect fodder for the haters. However, Lane has since clarified her comments to insist she’s not engaging in some rebellion against Zack Snyder.

Lane plays BvS plot point/Superman’s adoptive mother Martha, and was on Watch What Happens Live! to promote her new movie Paris Can Wait. There she was hit with a two-part call-in question: “Can you give us any Justice League spoilers and do you think it will be better than The Avengers?” Lane had a simple answer. “No and no,” she said. “Short but honest. I hate to disappoint but…”

And while that sounds like the actress essentially confirming that the DCEU will never be as beloved as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Lane’s representatives told ComicBook.com her response was misconstrued. “Diane meant ’sorry to disappoint’ in reference to revealing anything concerning Justice League that is not already out in the public, and, was declining to comment on a film (Avengers) that she has not seen,” a statement read. “She is thrilled to continue her role as Martha Kent, and appreciates your excitement for Justice League.” So feel free to bash Justice League on your own, but Lane’s not going to do it for you.


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