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French director Fabienne Berthaud had a fun round of “Let’s Pick Some Names Out Of A Hat To Star In My Next Movie” recently. At least, that’s the impression left by this fairly unpredictable casting announcement, as Variety reports that Diane Kruger, Norman Reedus, Lena Dunham, and French actor Gilles Lellouche will headline the road-movie thriller Sky.


Kruger will star as Romy, a woman who accidentally kills her husband (Lellouche) during a violent fight, then “flees the scene and embarks on a life-changing solo trip across California and Nevada.” It’s unclear what roles Reedus and Dunham have been tapped for; presumably Reedus was chosen for having some experience in the thriller genre, and Dunham was chosen because she is a very safe and uninteresting casting choice that no one will have any strong opinions about whatsoever. The movie, which is already shooting, will be the director’s third film—Kruger also starred in Berthaud’s previous effort, Lily Sometimes. No release date has been announced yet.

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