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Diana Ross wishes we could just go back to pretending the Michael Jackson allegations don't exist

Photo: Emma McIntyre (Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

Barbra Streisand dropped an all-time bad take on Michael Jackson’s Leaving Neverland accusers the other day, but she wasn’t the only famous person with something bad to say this weekend. Diana Ross has also apparently spent some time thinking about Michael Jackson and the allegations of sexual abuse against children that followed him for years while he was still alive and recently resurfaced thanks to HBO’s aforementioned documentary, and she concluded that, hey, weren’t we all happier when we just pretended that Michael Jackson was nothing but a very talented artist?


Ross tweeted about this revelation, quoting her own hit song with the Supremes by saying we should all “stop in the name of love” when it comes to saying all of these mean things about Michael Jackson. Here’s something we could also stop doing in the name of love: ignoring allegations that someone sexually abused children just because they’re famous or because they were friends with Diana Ross. Or, better yet, we could pay attention to all allegations like this, whether or not anyone involved is a “magnificent incredible force.”

[via Billboard]

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