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Diana is a golden god in colorful new Wonder Woman 1984 poster

Image: Warner Bros.

Earlier today It: Chapter Two director Andy Muschietti revealed that the upcoming sequel would be the only Warner Bros. title at this summer’s San Diego Comic-Con—which means no Wonder Woman 1984. That might be disappointing for fans of Gal Gadot’s superhero, particularly since Patty Jenkins’ sequel was already pushed back several months. Thankfully, Jenkins is on it. The filmmaker shared a brand new and appropriately colorful poster for Wonder Woman 1984, featuring Gadot in what appears to be Diana’s Amazonian battle armor:


The bright colors! The golden armor! The turquoise John Wick lighting! Honestly, if this iteration of Diana were to release a series of aerobics videos, I would buy 12—mostly for aesthetic purposes and fun, but also to witness how the hell she moves in that armor.

In addition to confirming that there won’t be a Wonder Woman 1984 panel in Hall H this year, Jenkins revealed that the full promotional campaign for the sequel won’t begin until this December—understandable, given that the film has been pushed back to next June. The sequel to 2017's Wonder Woman follows Diana in—where else?—1984, as she encounters a new villain named Cheetah, played by Kristen Wiig. Little else is known about the plot of the sequel, which also somehow features the return of Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor.

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