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Diamonds Are Forever but Duncan Jones is no longer directing that Ian Fleming biopic

It turns out Duncan Jones won’t be directing that biopic of Ian Fleming after all. Although it was previously reported that the Source Code director would helm the story of the real-life spy who wrote James Bond, The Wrap has announced Jones has left the project due to scheduling conflicts. Producers were unwilling to push back shooting for two years to accommodate Jones’ production schedule on his upcoming World Of Warcraft film. Instead, producers are currently looking for a new director and casting is likely to start next year.

Adapted from Andrew Lycett’s biography on Fleming, the film is expected to explore the British icon’s time as an international spy during the Second World War. The most important news, however, is confirmation that the movie will be called Fleming. While we’re hesitant to judge the film before we see it, any title that sounds like the word “phlegm” is fighting an uphill battle.


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