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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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So much pop-cultural hash has been made of the difference between The Greatest Generation and its rabble-rousing, draft-card burning offspring—and, subsequently, the basic lack of understanding between those Baby Boomers and their disenfranchised, flannel-swaddled children. But now that the members of Generation X are going through their own selling-out-of-ideals growing pains, who shall document Alternative Nation’s inability to communicate with eager, bright-eyed, don’t-know-a-world-without-the-Internet-or-a-world-with-a-Kurt-Cobain Millennials—even when they want to sleep with each other? None other than Diablo Cody, apparently, whose upcoming ABC pilot Alex + Amy will hinge on the relationship “between an ambitious 22-year-old Millennial guy and a 32-year-old Gen X woman who have just moved in together and are very much in love,” according to Entertainment Weekly. So a cross-generational Dharma & Greg, basically, where Dharma waxes nostalgic about an MTV that played music, while Greg admits he’s never paid for music. Plus something something hamburger phone, because Diablo Cody. (Now there’s an allusion at which we can all laugh, regardless of age.)


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