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Diablo Cody and Simon Cowell developing synchronized swimming comedy for Fox

Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images

Diablo Cody is getting in a pool with Fox for a comedy about the world of synchronized swimming. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cody is developing the show with Simon Cowell—yes, that one—and Glee and Scream Queens co-creator Ian Brennan, who is co-writing the pilot with Cody. Cody’s knack for constructing complicated women and Brennan’s facility with the Ryan Murphy school of nasty quips makes them seem like a perfect team. The protagonist, Marion Lolo, sounds like Young Adults Mavis Gary only with an aptitude for holding her breath underwater. THR explains that Marion “has 26 synchronized swimming medals, one restraining order against her and zero friends.” And as much as we just want a weekly check-in with the Martin Short-Harry Shearer synchronized swimmers, this also has our attention. Meanwhile, Cody is also working on another sitcom for ABC. It’s an adaptation of the British series Raised By Wolves, based on the life of writer Caitlin Moran.


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