After even Michael C. Hall seemed to be questioning whether Showtime’s Dexter should keep delaying the inevitable by stabbing random guest stars for two more years, both network and Hall seem to have settled on the mutually agreeable decision of “more money.” The two parties have just closed a deal that guarantees the show will be on through at least an eighth season—though of course, this is Showtime, the channel where we will all grow old together, so who knows how long it will really last? [UPDATE: Showtime president David Nevins, in typical Showtime president David Newvins fashion, believes the eighth season will "likely" be the end, but adds that he doesn't want to "say with absolute certainty."] Anyway, the precise terms of Hall’s new contract weren’t revealed, but presumably they found a compromise between the previously offered $20 million and Hall’s demand of $24 million, one that will help buy him that super-deluxe massage chair he needs to relax after a hard day of having yet another conversation about darkness with his ghost dad.