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At this year’s TCAs, Showtime president David Nevins once more refused to put a definitive end date on Dexter, saying, “Dexter to Showtime is what Batman is to Warner Brothers,” in an illustration of Dexter’s importance to the network, as well as his telling overestimation of just how sustainable it is. But provided its upcoming eighth season, which debuts June 30, really is its last, Charlotte Rampling and Sean Patrick Flanery will be among the final guest stars to get too close to Dexter, ending a TV tradition that’s like the modern, serial killer version of The Love Boat.


Flanery will play “Jacob Elroy, the ex-cop owner of a private investigation company in Miami,” as the one thing Dexter could use is more cops and ex-cops and private investigators. And the veteran British actress Rampling recurs in the pivotal role of a psychiatrist specializing in “young psychopaths,” suggesting she’ll be seen in the promised flashbacks exploring the origins of Dexter’s killer urges that have not already been thoroughly explored across the past seven seasons.

Or, perhaps Rampling will be tending to burgeoning young serial killer Harrison, as the show ramps up to eight seasons of Dexter: The Next Generation. Or maybe these two will just be seen hanging around the ol’ nacho bar, as Dexter prepares to spin off into Batista’s Place. Really, there are so many directions that Dexter could continue to go in, rather than accepting that it doesn’t have a vast, endlessly renewable, Batman-like mythology and winding things up already.

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