January Jones just goes from one mad man to another. And apparently Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter likes a little crazy, too. Variety reports both will join Nicolas Cage in the upcoming indie thriller Hungry Rabbit Jumps, which will also feature Guy Pearce and Lost’s Harold Perrineau. Directed by Roger Donaldson, whose previous credits include such slick thrillers as Species, Dante’s Peak, and The Bank Job, Hungry Rabbit will follow Nicolas Cage’s vengeful teacher/husband who leagues up with an underground vigilante organization after his wife (Jones) is the victim of a violent crime. Carpenter will play the best friend of Jones’ wife while Perrineau has the role of an ex-cop turned school principal, as previously reported by Dark Horizons. Tobey Maguire will also produce.

There’s no telling what kind of tone this latest Cage movie will adopt. Cage, plus the director of Species and a story that sounds like a combo of Mystery Men and The Brave One could spell batshit crazy. As as watchable as Cage is when doing batshit crazy, maybe it’s time to play it straight for a change? Hungry Rabbit Jumps begins filming this month. For now, check out the official trailer for Cage’s upcoming The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, no doubt a paycheck film covering his IRS bill.