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Dexter actor to play another Gotham villain Batman won’t face

Adding one more to the list of formidable Gotham foes that Batman will never face, because he is a child, Dexter hat-rack David Zayas has joined the cast as gangster Salvatore Maroni, taking over a role played by Eric Roberts in The Dark Knight. As Batman fans know, Sal “The Boss” Maroni is one of the city’s most powerful crime bosses, next to his rival Carmine Falcone (a role already cast with John Doman), and it’s Maroni who—in some storylines, anyway—disfigures Harvey Dent, transforming him into Two-Face.

That’s a watershed event you would think we wouldn’t see, since it traditionally takes place at a time where Batman and Harvey are already acquainted. But seeing as the show creators are intent on adding Two-Face to the Gotham lineup anyway, all bets are off. All we know for sure is that Zayas’ casting officially puts an end to hopes for our Dexter spinoff, Batista Nights, with Batista serving burritos and forever wondering what the hell happened during those last eight years.


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