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Developing: Vinny may or may not have left The Jersey Shore

Though most of us in the U.S. spent the weekend reverently reading the Declaration of Independence aloud to one another to remind each other of the values cherished by our nation’s founding fathers, some clouds crept into the holiday weekend. Cloudiest among them: Vinny Guadagnino may have left The Jersey Shore. The story began as when vague rumors of “drama” emerged from the set of the show, currently filming its fifth season in New Jersey. Then, on July 2, a piece in The Hollywood Reporter gave those reports further credence, albeit a highly qualified sort of credence couched in layers of unnamed sources and repeated use of variations on the word “report”:

Reports have surfaced that Guadagnino left the house late on Friday after a heated argument with one of his cast mates. Reportedly, he complained of feeling “burnt out” and returned home to Staten Island with no desire to return to shooting.

His departure follows news that the reality star left the house earlier this week complaining of homesickness. Sources have revealed that his cast mates were able to talk him back. This time around, sources say the crew have tired of his antics and won’t be trying to get him to return.


Is this for real? Or could it be some engineered drama, like the way Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed find a way to fight at every talk-show appearance promoting their reality show? MTV isn’t commenting beyond saying that viewers will have to find out when the show’s fifth season premieres. That means grim months of suspense await Jersey Shore fans. (By the way, which one’s Vinny?)

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