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Developer who brought Snake to Nokia phones announces free-to-play sequel

Illustration for article titled Developer who brought iSnake/i to Nokia phones announces free-to-play sequel

Taneli Armanto programmed one of the most played games ever made. He’s the engineer responsible for the version of Snake that came built into hundreds of millions of Nokia cell phones and has been begrudgingly played by people waiting in lines since 1997. And now Armanto himself, along with mobile game studio Rumilus Design, is ready to unleash a revolutionary new take on this game that’s somehow endured since the late ’70s: Snake Rewind.

According to its official website, this bold reimagining harnesses the power of modern smartphones and in-app purchases to add new fruits and 10 distinct levels, some of which have to be unlocked by completing challenges or purchasing them with your hard-earned fruit. The marquee twist is the ability to “rewind the snake after crashing to continue the game,” each use of which, from the looks of the trailer and screenshots, will also cost you fruit. And hopefully you haven’t been spending too many fruits on these other things, because you’ll need them to buy more things at the “Fruit Store,” a menu where the game may or may not ask you to spend real money on the fruit you need to buy everything else. Snake Rewind will be released for free (with in-app purchases) on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone on May 14th.


[via The Guardian]

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