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Earlier this week, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing mercilessly gunned down a proposal to erect a statue honoring RoboCop, the city’s most famous fictional character after Eminem. But rather than let it die, citizens have hooked their mutilated idea up to various wires and circuits—launching a Facebook page, the website DetroitNeedsARoboCop.com, and a Kickstarter campaign to raise up to $50,000—all so a group of “sci-fi fans, artists and business leaders” can come together and create the shining beacon of post-apocalyptic hope Detroit so desperately needs.


Right now the plan is to have a local artist design and erect the statue in Imagination Station, a public art space in Roosevelt Park—and promisingly, the mayor’s office has said it would consider accepting and placing the donation. While some have taken issue with the idea, saying Detroit has more appropriate things to celebrate than a movie that portrays Detroit as a crumbling, crime-ridden rathole, many others have responded with a resounding “Bitches, leave” by donating over $7,000 to the cause. Anyone else who wants to help “serve the public trust, protect the innocent, uphold the awesome” can do so via the links above. [Reuters]

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