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Detroit now suffering from Low Winter Sun shortfall, too

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This week, the city of Detroit became the largest U.S. city ever to enter Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection—but that hasn’t prevented AMC from seizing one potentially toxic asset from the city. The Detroit-set cop drama Low Winter Sun has been canceled by the network, leaving the Motor City down $18 billion and a crime drama. A tale of corruption and moral gray areas not unlike the kind that leads a once-thriving metropolis to amass such massive debt, the show’s one-and-only season weathered middling reviews and failed capitalize on a lead-in from the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad. Though there’s always a chance that the network—which showed confidence in the show’s ability to grow its audience as recently as last month—could swoop and provide a last-minute bailout, a la Hell On Wheels or season three of The Killing. Or it’ll just follow the lead of so many entities that once called Detroit home (and The Killing) and set up shop where the overhead is lower and the labor is cheaper—you know, like Netflix.


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