Screenshot: Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu doesn’t need to be a real movie. Detective Pikachu could just crack wise, march out your favorite little buddies, and clean up at the box office. The latest trailer for the project, though, shows that it’s got greater aims than just being meme fodder.

“What A Wonderful World” plays beneath the new clip, which celebrates Earth Day by setting the film’s futuristic, creature-laden cityscape against an arboreal expanse riddled with glowing mushrooms and flaming tails. At the end, the detective himself earnestly consoles his grieving human companion. “Listen, kid, I know this much,” he says. “If your dad was here, he would hug you so hard your bones would pop.” Sure, it’s no “pika pika,” but it’s something.


Watch it below ahead of the film’s May 10 release.