The rumored rekindling of Charlie Kaufman and Spike Jonze’s metaphysical relationship appears to be picking up some heat thanks to Megan Ellison, daughter of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and an obscenely rich girl with awesome taste in movies. (As you may recall, Ellison was previously involved in financing True Grit and is also the one who wants to help Paul Thomas Anderson make both his Pynchon adaptation Inherent Vice and his Scientology movie The Master.) And now that the project has been pitched to Ellison and other financiers, we finally have some details on what it’s all about: Deadline describes it as a “satire about how world leaders gather to figure out all the seismic events that will take place in the world, from oil prices to wars that will be waged.” “Great, another movie about the Jews,” Mel Gibson said. I just thought we could use an old-fashioned Gibson joke after so much Sheen. But seriously, this sounds good so far.