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If you want to watch the No. 1 show in late night, you’re going to have to get premium cable. Podcasting duo turned up-and-coming late-night hosts Desus Nice and The Kid Mero are once again moving up in the world, ending their late-night Viceland series in favor of the fancier sets and more expensive bottles of rum at Showtime. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Brugal, mind you.)

The “presumably” is thanks to the mystery which still clouds the duo’s future plans: Deadline’s reporting on the deal is full of “I hears,” like “I hear they are in talks for a deal at Showtime, possibly for a weekly show” and “I hear Viceland tried to keep Desus and Mero onboard with a new deal but I hear the duo got an opportunity they felt they could not pass on.” They’re on their way out at Viceland, though, and have reportedly started telling staffers about their pending departure.


Desus & Mero has been quietly building buzz since its debut in October 2016, interviewing increasingly high-profile guests in a disarming style that can get anyone, from Melissa McCarthy to Michael B. Jordan to former Attorney General Eric Holder, to loosen up. If you’re not yet on board with this refreshing, hilarious alternative to white guys in suits making tired puns about the Trump administration—they do still talk about Trump, to be clear, but they call him “Trumpito”—you have until June 28 to tune in on Viceland.

UPDATE, June 18: Variety confirms that what Deadline heard was true, as today Showtime officially announced a weekly late-night series—the first for the premium network—starring the duo that’s set to premiere in 2019. Until then, you’ll have to tune in to Bodega Boys on your podcatcher of choice to get your Desus & Mero fix.

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