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Destiny 2 launching in September, according to whistleblowing wall posters

Photo: Imgur
Photo: Lega Network

A sequel to Destiny, Bungie and Activision’s hit online shooter, has never been formally announced, but its existence and impending release is one of the worst kept secrets in the game industry. That story got even more concrete earlier today when a photo of what appears to be a promotional poster for the unannounced game turned up on an Italian website called Lega Network. Along with a logo and some art of people with guns—very on-brand for Destiny—is a release date of September 8. A second poster has also been leaked, that one promising a playable beta will be released ahead of the game.


According to a report from Kotaku, which has an extensive history of unearthing behind-the-scenes Destiny dirt, the poster is real, and an official Destiny 2 unveiling should be happening soon. The report also claims the sequel will be heading to PCs, a first for the series. As for the specific listed release date, if true, it would at least mark the game’s European launch. It’s possible the game will be released on a different day in North America.

[Note: Kotaku, like The A.V. Club, is owned by Univision Communications.]

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