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Despite Ryan Murphy's move to Netflix, American Crime Story and American Horror Story will go on

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Photo: Jeff Daly (FX)

FX has had a lot of success with Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story and American Horror Story, but you might expect the network to argue these days that the real American crime story is Ryan Murphy taking a bunch of money to leave FX for Netflix, and the real American horror story might be trying to figure out how to fill the Ryan Murphy-shaped hole in FX’s schedule. According to FX boss John Landgraf, though, there’s definitely nothing to worry about and everything will be totally fine. As reported by Deadline, Landgraf has revealed that both American Horror Story and American Crime Story will live on.

We don’t know what future seasons of either show will be about, but Landgraf says there are “four ideas on the table” for American Crime Story and he’s operating under the assumption that all of them will get made at some point. However, one idea that definitely won’t happen is the Hurricane Katrina season of American Crime Story, which was dropped a while back and will not be reconsidered. Also, while those shows will apparently continue—though we don’t know how involved Murphy will be—his Feud series on FX probably won’t come back.

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