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Coldplay can do a lot of things, like transition from a gloomy band that sings pretty good songs about being sad to a dance-y band that sings annoying songs about being happy, but apparently one thing that it cannot do is bring peace to Israel and Palestine. Well, the band probably could do that, but we’ll never know because it has no intention of trying.

This all stems from a Times Of Israel report (via Consequence Of Sound) that claimed Coldplay was going to hold two concerts later this year at a secret location “north of the Dead Sea,” with a limited number of tickets being released to both Israel and Palestine so the people of the two regions could come together in the name of peace and Coldplay. Supposedly, the band was also set to meet with musicians from both sides to record a song that would presumably solve the ongoing conflict and bring happiness and security to people all over the world.


Unfortunately, Rolling Stone says that the story is fake, with both common sense and an actual Coldplay rep shooting the whole thing down. Of course, the concert was supposed to be a secret, so even if it were real it seems pretty unlikely that the band would confirm it, but that doesn’t make the initial story any easier to believe. Really, if any band is going to save the world like this, shouldn’t it be one that more people actually like? Coldplay’s no Smash Mouth or Nickelback, but it would probably be easier to get the Israeli and Palestinian people on board with this ridiculous scheme if somebody cooler were leading the charge.

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