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Despite Conan—and mezcal's—best efforts, Diego Luna's not spilling any Star Wars: Andor secrets

Conan O’Brien, Diego Luna
Conan O’Brien, Diego Luna
Screenshot: Conan

“There’s nothing they can do,” boasted Diego Luna to Conan O’Brien Tuesday, before taking another swig of mezcal. And while that might be the most appropriately rebellious sentiment from the guy playing Rogue One’s most committed Rebellion antihero Cassian Andor, it doesn’t mean that Conan actually got the infamously loose-lipped Luna to break the Disney Empire’s grip on his tongue concerning the upcoming Luna-starring series Star Wars: Andor. Like the scoundrel he is, Luna merely lured his host into a cross-Atlantic mezcal-drinking contest and kept rakishly mum, leaving the shot-downing O’Brien clearly a little fuzzy by the end of their episode-long talk. (Luna upbraided Conan for doing his mezcal “like a Spring Breaker,” leaving the serenely sipping Luna with the upper hand.)

Still, Luna could tell us that his Rogue One prequel series depicting the ultimately successful (if, for everyone involved, deadly) effort to get the original Death Star plans to the Rebels was “a show.” So, thanks a bunch, Luna. He did also note that he dies in the end, but since that already happened in Rogue One, well, again, thanks for nothing. Regardless, Luna’s always a good hang for Conan, as the actor—technically there to promote his newest, direct-to-pandemic-streaming film Wander Darkly—continued his tradition of making fun of the size of Conan’s head. “With your big head, that will be—,” Luna trailed off at Conan’s interview-ending claim that his late-morning (Los Angeles time) shots were already giving him a headache. As Luna said of his favorite native beverage, “It takes eight years for the plant to grow, and you’re drinking it in, like, a second.” Rookie stuff, O’Brien.


Speaking from Andor-filming London (which is about to go into another COVID lockdown), the homesick Luna shared with his host how much he’s missing Christmas in Mexico City. “I have to pretend I love being in London in winter, but nobody can say that,” not-joked Luna about his COVID and Star Wars-mandated British digs, regaling Conan with the warm (and what seems like a long time ago in a land far, far away) Mexican tradition of a marathon Christmas season. Having already begun with the December 10 Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe and stretching all the way into the New Year, Mexico’s weeks-long “drinking contest that doesn’t stop,” filled Luna with rosy-cheeked nostalgia for a Mexico City in full, joyously close-contact celebration.

As he noted, COVID has “served to remind you what really matters,” and, with his own two young children having gone through COVID, the actor called for everyone’s own lockdown hardships to teach “how deep inequality is and how hard we have to work to bring the poles together.” Noting that, in his homeland, he’s seen how “these moments bring the best out of people,” the Narcos: Mexico star could only take another drink when O’Brien—gesturing to his own, COVID-ravaged, precaution-flouting country—responded that the pandemic has also brought “the worst out of some people.” The two then shared a toast, at Luna’s suggestion, to “the new win of Joe Biden today,” perhaps imagining a 2021 where the everyone stops acting like irresponsible jackasses.

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