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Screenshot: Celebrity Family Feud

Anyone who’s ever watched Family Feud knows that as the strikes mount and the number of options drops, the responses just get more ridiculous. But for the upcoming episode of Celebrity Family Feud, things go off the rails quicker than usual. Steve Harvey will host a battle of the comedians that pits Paul Scheer, John Gemberling, Adam Pally, Eugene Cordero, and Horatio Sanz against June Diane Raphael, Andrea Savage, Kristen Schaal, Nicole Byer, and Carla Gallo, with a bonus round between Louie Anderson and Christina Milian. In this exclusive clip, Broad City’s John Gemberling reaches for another correct response to the question, “what do you use when you run out of toilet paper?“

Gemberling fails spectacularly, but at least he provides Harvey with some much-needed levity. The funny folks episode of Celebrity Family Feud airs Sunday, July 23 at 8 p.m. ET.


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