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Dermot Mulroney will hunt Hanna in season 2

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Former rom-com staple Dermot Mulroney has been tearing it up lately on various streaming series: re-teaming with his former My Best Friend’s Wedding co-star Julia Roberts on Amazon’s Homecoming, playing Lucille’s favorite Dusty on Netflix’s new seasons of Arrested Development, or swooping in as a dashing Texas oil tycoon on Hulu’s Four Weddings And A Funeral.


Now TV Line announces that Mulroney is heading back to the world of streaming drama to play one of the many people looking for the young girl with super-soldier DNA on the Amazon series Hanna. Mulroney will play “John Carmichael, a former mentor of Mireille Enos’ Marissa who takes over at the sinister UTRAX organization that has been hunting the series’ titular teen.”

Hanna got renewed for a second season soon after the first one debuted in April, due to what Amazon Studios’ co-head of television Albert Cheng referred to as a “tremendous response.” Deadline reports that Anthony Welsh, Severine Howell-Meri, Cherelle Skeete, and Gianna Kiehl will also be joining the cast in the show’s second season, which is now filming in Europe. No release date has been announced yet.

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