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Derek Jeter is launching a “no filter” site for professional athletes

Derek Jeter, the 47th greatest Yankee of all time, is launching his own digital startup. The Players’ Tribune is a joint venture between Jeter and Legendary Entertainment and will, according to Jeter, give professional athletes a place to share “their unfiltered, honest, and unique perspectives, bringing fans closer to the games they love.” According to Jeter, “Fans deserve more than ‘no comments’ or ‘I don’t knows.” Athletes—at least the ones Jeter knows—are seeking “a way to connect directly with [their] fans, with no filter.” That is, assuming the teams those players are affiliated with will allow that.

Participating “all-star professional athlete contributors” can use The Players’ Tribune to post blogs, videos, photo galleries, and polls. They can also post podcasts, finally giving their public the chance to hear about what some Major League Baseball player is listening to in his truck.


A full slate of which athletes will be involved should be announced in the coming weeks.

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