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Denver: See Krull tonight as part of our Science Friction film series

Howdy. Senior Writer Jason Heller here. I have one word for you. KRULL.

Now I have some other words for you. I’m showing the 1983 science-fantasy classic Krull tonight at 7:30 p.m at Alamo Drafthouse Denver. It’s part of The A.V. Club’s monthly science-fiction film series, Science Friction, curated and co-hosted by yours truly and my old pal Frank Romero, co-founder of Denver Comic Con. We both grew up on the daffy, genre-mashing majesty of Krull, so we are super excited to be presenting the film in its full, original, 35mm glory.


In fact, we love Krull so much, we have some crazy stuff going in conjunction with tonight’s screening. First of all, the wonderful folks at Mill Creek Entertainment have graciously provided 30—yes 30—copies of their brand-new Krull Blu-ray, which we will be giving away to 30 lucky random bodies in the audience.

Secondly: One of the coolest things about Krull is the Glaive, the futuristic, shuriken-looking doohickey wielded by the intrepid Prince Colwyn. It’s like some space ninja’s idea of Excalibur. The generous folks at Alamo Drafthouse Denver have had a bunch of Glaives custom-made (out of nonlethal materials), and we’ll be handing those out as well. Get your Glaive on. Please just don’t throw them at your hosts.

Tickets for Krull are available here.

Science Friction schedule

January 21: Krull (in 35mm)

February 18: Cherry 2000 (with live Skype Q&A with director Steve De Jarnatt)

March 18: The Fly (1986)

April 15: Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

May 20: Zardoz

Also: Be on the lookout for our new fantasy film series, a monthly movie night coming soon to Alamo Drafthouse Denver. Spoiler alert: The first film I’ll be showing for this as-yet-unnamed fantasy series has something to do with swords. And Scotland. And living forever.


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