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Denver, see Heavy Metal tonight as part of our Science Friction film series

Howdy, Senior Writer Jason Heller here. It’s time again for Science Friction, The A.V. Club’s monthly sci-fi film series, which continues tonight with a screening of the 1981 animated cult classic Heavy Metal.

Things kick off at 8:00 p.m. at Alamo Drafthouse Denver, and as always I’ll be there to introduce the film along with my co-host and fellow curator, Frank Romero, co-founder of Denver Comic Con. Even better: The film will be screened in glorious 35mm. You can buy tickets here.

And if you have some time to kill between now and then, here’s a little piece I wrote for The A.V. Club a couple years back about my favorite song on the Heavy Metal soundtrack. What’s yours?


Science Friction schedule

December 17: Heavy Metal (in 35mm)

January 21: Krull

February 18: Zardoz

March 18: The Fly (1986)

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