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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
A.V. Club Staff and Kyle Ryan
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Although the Cornetto Trilogy has made plain that Simon Pegg is a beer guy, or at least a guy who likes hanging out in pubs, The A.V. Club is pairing him with cocktails next month. On February 5, we’re going to screen his new film, A Fantastic Fear Of Everything, and have cocktails at Winter Session Outpost in Denver.


Denverites may know that Winter Session is neither a movie theater nor a bar, but a crafter of hand-made bags and other stuff. So why will we be drinking and watching a movie there? Well, why not? But also, because this is part of a new event series we’re hosting with Basil Hayden’s that merges pop culture and craftsman—in this case, the folks behind Winter Session, mixologist Chad George from Williams & Graham (no, not that Chad George), and a movie we’re excited about. A.V. Club editor Kyle Ryan will be on hand to introduce the movie, and George is going to create a special cocktail for everyone to try.

Space for is limited, so RSVP soon. We’ll have similar events in other cities later in the year, which we’ll announce in the coming months.

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