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Dennis Rodman gave Kim Jong Un a copy of Art Of The Deal

(Photo: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

With or without the American government’s approval, Dennis Rodman is continuing his diplomatic work with North Korea. The former NBA star recently made another trip to visit his pal, Kim Jong Un, this time under the auspices of the Olympics and PotCoin, the latter of which is exactly what it sounds like. Rodman hailed the elite athletes of North Korea, but he only brought goodie bags for the dictator, which included some kind of mermaid puzzle, various bath products, and copies of both Where’s Waldo? and Donald Trump’s The Art Of The Deal. You can watch the unveiling below.

Jong Un’s haul also included a couple of jerseys signed by Rodman, though there’s currently no word on whether the former Celebrity Apprentice wannabe asked Trump to autograph the copy of his 30-year-old book. But this should generate enough good will with the president for Rodman to earn that coveted Secretary Of Midnight Basketball cabinet position.


[via Death And Taxes]

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