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Dennis Quaid to play George W. Bush on American Crime Story

(Photo: Getty Images/NBCU Photo Bank/NBC, Nathan Congleton)

Public opinion on George W. Bush has swung wildly over the last few months, thanks to the people of America being confronted with a commander-in-chief whose own ineptitude once again makes Bush look like the harmless buffoon he was before he plunged the nation into a couple of hopeless military conflicts, and now he’s receiving an honor even greater than having the country forget most of his sins: Dennis Quaid is going to play him in a Ryan Murphy show. This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which says Quaid will be playing Bush in Katrina: American Crime Story, the follow-up to FX’s wildly successful The People V. O.J. Simpson.

As indicated by the title, Katrina is about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a disaster that Bush himself made worse due to his aforementioned buffoonery. The People V. O.J. Simpson stars Courtney B. Vance, Sarah Paulson, and Cuba Gooding Jr. are all expected to return for Katrina, with Annette Bening joining the team as Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco and Matthew Broderick playing FEMA head Michael Brown.


There’s no word on who will play Kanye West and Mike Myers, but the “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” scene is definitely going to be this season’s version of the white Bronco chase:

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