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Truth, the film that does not expose the real facts about 9/11 but rather dramatizes the “Rathergate” scandal, has just secured two more pieces of what will almost certainly be an award-winning puzzle.


Dennis Quaid has joined the cast as Col. Roger Charles, the 60 Minutes II liaison who was instrumental in breaking the Abu Ghraib prisoner-abuse story, as well as the story on George W. Bush’s National Guard service that eventually led to Rather resigning in disgrace. Topher Grace is also set to co-star as a researcher who helped discover the facts about the case.

Quaid and Grace join a distinguished crew of Truth-seekers that includes Elisabeth Moss, Robert Redford, and Cate Blanchett. First-time director James Vanderbilt will direct from his own script, which probably bears very little resemblance to Vanderbilt’s brave expose of corruption and conspiracy at the highest levels of government, White House Down.

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