This Memorial Day weekend keeps giving us more people to memorialize: Legendary actor Dennis Hopper has died at 74 after a long battle with prostate cancer, according to CNN.

Hopper leaves a stunning body of work for his legacy, including iconic roles in Easy Rider (which he directed and co-wrote), Apocalypse Now, Blue Velvet, and Hoosiers, not to mention work in celebrated films like Rebel Without A Cause, a lengthy list of television credits, and fun, scenery-chewing bad guys in crappy blockbusters like Speed. Hopper had spent much of the past couple of years working on the television adaptation of the film Crash. IMDB lists two upcoming projects for him this year, Linda Yellen's film-festival satire The Last Film Festival, and voice work for the family film Alpha And Omega.

Hopper is survived by his four children. For more insight into is many performances, check out Noel Murray's 2008 Random Roles.