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Democracy’s a hell of a drug: Dave Chappelle didn’t revive Rick James because of Trump

Photo: NBC/Getty Images

As President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration looms, many are taking stock of just what they stand to lose once he’s installed in the White House. Access to affordable health care? Almost certainly (though, let’s face it, that’s been long in the works). The country’s international standing? Possibly. But one thing we already know we’ve been deprived of is a new Rick James sketch featuring Dave Chappelle. Yes, such a thing was planned for Chappelle’s Saturday Night Live hosting gig on November 12; it would have seen the comedian assume his “Superfreak” alter ego to deride Trump’s loss during a Weekend Update segment. But, according to Chappelle Show co-creator and -writer Neal Brennan, the idea was scrapped once it became clear that Hillary Clinton wasn’t going to win.


Brennan shared the story on The Leonard Lopate Show, wherein he admitted he and Michael Che moved forward with the Rick James idea after a pollster told them Clinton was practically a lock. That’s obviously not how things turned out, so after realizing they couldn’t rework the sketch, they gave up altogether. What we got instead was something far more resonant—and featuring Chris Rock—so maybe it kind of, sort of worked out?

[via Vulture]

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