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Demme takes over Marley film

There are two Bob Marley films on the way–the biopic No Woman No Cry and an as-yet-untitled documentary. And the latter just had a major shakeup: The authorized doc has been dropped by Martin Scorsese, who cited scheduling conflicts as the reason for his, ahem, exodus from the project. The good news? Jonathan Demme is taking over. Currently finishing The Neil Young Trunk Show, the concert-film follow-up to 2006's brilliant Neil Young: Heart Of Gold, Demme had this to say to Variety about the Marley doc: "I am thrilled and humbled by this extraordinary opportunity to participate in fashioning a motion picture that can serve as a worthy vessel for the spiritual and musical brilliance of Bob Marley."

And just so you know: Sean O'Neal is currently in Washington gearing up to cover Sasquatch, so there will be no Friday Buzzkills today. Please feel free to register your complaints below.


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