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Demi Adejuyigbe wrote a Green Book theme song in the style of Morrissey

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Screenshot: Green Book Trailer (YouTube)

Comedian, writer, podcaster, and viral content wunderkind Demi Adejuyigbe has done it again. Over the years, he’s blessed our timelines with Thanos raps, Lando raps, and a Will Smith rap for every Best Picture nominee in 2017. Now, he returns with something of a stylistic departure: An end credits song for Green Book in the style of Morrissey. As with all of Adejuyigbe’s previous work, it is absurdly good.

“Racism’s easy to defeat/ Just drive a black across the south and force him to eat KFC,” the comedian croons in a pitch-perfect Moz impression, skewering the Best Picture winner for its tired, whitewashed depiction of race relations in America. “I simply had to meet some people more racist than me,” he continues, delivering a line that, in 11 words, just about perfectly sums up the film’s journey. For anyone frustrated by the Academy voters’ decision, let this song function as a catchy cure-all. “I’m no longer racist, we can be friends,” goes the toe-tapping refrain.


As an added bonus, here’s a look at some of Adejuyigbe’s other Oscar traditions, including Muppet-themed posters (which he makes with fellow writers Matthew Begbie and Morgan Paige) and punny snacks for the all the nominees. Academy, we hope you’re watching, because next year’s host is right in front of you.

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