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Rachel Maddow has developed a running gag of sorts in which she just lists off all of the people who have been fired from the Trump administration on her show, with the list now long enough that writer and comedian Rae Sanni recently joked that it “sounds like Yakko from Animaniacs rattling off the names of countries”—a reference to this classic bit.


Demi Adejuyigbe, a musical parody master who has been known to write a few movie theme songs, then chimed in to ask if he could actually record Sanni’s Animaniacs joke as a real song, and now he has come through with an appropriately jaunty little tune about a bunch of varyingly bad people.

The song is delightful, and it will also help you remember the names and faces of every poor soul who has been jettisoned from the slow-moving crash that is the Trump White House (so far). Assuming schools will still be a thing in the future, maybe kids will someday use this song to help them remember the answers to a quiz on the disastrous Trump administration.

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