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Anyone who wasn’t filthy rich had a laugh at Gal Gadot and friends’ tone-deaf “Imagine” singalong last week, but, just as its deluge of parodies began drying up, another has emerged that actually does speak to the self-isolating millennials among us. Eric Slick, a singer and songwriter who also plays in Dr. Dog, put together an “Imagine”-style singalong of Blink-182's heart-on-sleeve classic “I Miss You,” and the artists he’s recruited for it should excite lovers of indie folk and hip-hop alike.


In order of appearance:

That’s a killer lineup, and it’s a delight to hear each strain to approximate the iconic, emphatic whine of Tom DeLonge, which was perhaps never so DeLongey as it is on his wailing “I Miss You” verse.

If you want to hear the original, go here. If you want to hear it for 10 straight hours, hit play below.

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