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Demetri Martin ponders Our Fascinating Planet in this exclusive clip

Our Fascinating Planet

TV has featured dozens of science education programs throughout the years to offset its boob tube-ness, including Nova, Mr. Wizard’s World, Bill Nye The Science Guy, and of course, Cosmos. You may have even learned a thing or two from those shows, which is more than we can say for Ted Rimmarniet, an alleged author, educator, and television presenter who’s become the small screen’s latest guide on an exploration of space and time. This dim bulb, created and played by Demetri Martin, is the host of Our Fascinating Planet, a go90 series that premieres this Wednesday. The A.V. Club is sharing this exclusive look at Rimmarniet’s debut, in which he unwittingly shrinks the universe.


Martin’s anagrammed TV personality might be kind of a dullard, but the comedian is as sly as ever in this send-up of curiosity-satisfying programs. But Our Fascinating Planet isn’t taking science ambassadors like Carl Sagan or Neil deGrasse Tyson down a peg—that would probably have required Rimmarniet to wear a mock turtleneck—so much as reveling in its own misinformation. So get ready to have your questions about space and Armageddon answered when Our Fascinating Planet premieres October 5. Bonus: You won’t have to subscribe to a new streaming service, because go90 is free.

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