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Lego has recently released a stop-motion video of a reimagined scene from Star Wars that advertises users should “master the Force” (apparently that should be the Force of investing in Lego). Taking the carbonite freezing set from Cloud City in The Empire Strikes Back, Lego switches up the scene to include Boba Fett and Luke Skywalker in order to punch it up and add a bit of humor.

What makes this impressive, though, is the amount of thought and work that was required for a 15-second short (or ad, though what exactly it’s advertising is anyone’s guess. The Force? A sad devotion to that ancient religion?). The short was put together by the Brotherhood Workshop, who have previously delved into Star Wars-themed videos as well as provided an excellent retelling of Jurassic World. Brotherhood Workshop walks viewers through all the steps it took to make just a 15-second clip, including storyboarding, constructing the sets, the various shot set ups and lighting requirements, and it’s all very interesting to see what exactly goes in to making these shorts. Hopefully others can learn from Brotherhood’s attention to detail and craftsmanship and build their own mini-Lego movies, with or without the corporate synergy.

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