Rihanna's seventh studio album, Unapologetic, is slated for a Nov. 19 release, but superfans of the pop star as well as her fellow Chris Brown non-apologists will have to wait to spend their parents' money on a limited-edition box set. "The Diamonds Executive Platinum Box hits stores Dec. 11, overflowing with glittery goodies. For a mere $250, the set comes with a deluxe version of the CD, collectible colored LPs, an 11 x 17 (copy of a) handwritten personal note from Rihanna to her fans, a 2GB credit-card style USB flash drive, posters, handwritten (then photocopied) tour notes, a DVD full of concert footage, a unisex T-shirt of a Michael Muller photo of Rihanna, plus a bunch of photos, lithographs, and stickers.

There's also a less exclusive "Diamonds Deluxe Edition Box" for those who can't be "Platinum Executives," which will be made ¬†available on Nov. 19. This version costs $79 and contains only the T-shirt, stickers, and DVD, but it also includes a ‚Äúlimited-edition genuine, conflict-free diamond bracelet‚ÄĚ that comes complete with a black leather band and a brass disc (and a very, very small diamond).


Naturally, Rihanna is also preparing a supporting tour, planning to embark on a Boeing 777 for the subtly named "777 Tour" to play seven shows in seven countries in seven days.