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Delta Air Lines wants "more detail" from man who says he was "sucked through the toilet hole"

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Delta Air Lines, a company so ramshackle it calls itself D-list in its very name, is not having a good week. Just yesterday, as Gizmodo’s Tom McKay reported, an engine on one of its old as hell planes gave out in a very frightening manner, forcing a freaked-out group of passengers into an emergency landing. Later in the day, displaying its social media team’s thoughtful customer service, it fell for an extremely obvious (and very good) Twitter joke.

Comedian Drew Gooden lodged a complaint with the company, explaining that he was “sucked through the toilet hole in one of your aircrafts and am now hurtling through the sky.”


Delta, in its infinite wisdom, responded:

And Gooden gave them the details they requested:


At this point, the company Twitter either wised up or, just as likely, got bored of the interaction and decided to leave the matter unattended. Before anyone decides to be too harsh with the customer service tweet, it’s worth remembering that anything can happen on a Delta flight and a conscientious air line employee shouldn’t dismiss the very real possibility that it needs to issue a $20 voucher to a passenger sucked through its toilets and ejected from the craft thousands of feet into the air.

Still, for all its crumbling plane engines and supreme online gullibility, the last few days might be thought of as a period of relatively good PR for Delta—a company that, in the past, has made headlines for being shitty about passengers speaking Arabic, letting babies sit in car seats, and providing transport to Migos. They also, it should be noted, failed to stop Kenny G from performing for a literally captive audience. Oh, yeah, and we shouldn’t forget the time they kicked a guy off one of their flights for...using the bathroom in a completely normal way.


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