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Delroy Lindo joins Marvel’s Most Wanted as Dominic Fortune

Illustration for article titled Delroy Lindo joins iMarvel’s Most Wanted /ias Dominic Fortune

ABC still isn’t quite sure if Marvel’s Most Wanted is a spinoff of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. or not, but Deadline is reporting that another comic book character will be joining Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood’s Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter in the pilot. That character is Dominic Fortune, an old-fashioned adventurer who loves to make money and shoot stuff, and he’ll be played by Believe’s Delroy Lindo. The comic-book version of the character originally went on adventures back in the ‘30s in ‘40s, but comics science has allowed him to continue living in the present-day Marvel universe, either as an old man or de-aged thanks to his attempts to recreate Captain America’s super-soldier serum. Seeing as how we still don’t know much about Marvel’s Most Wanted, it’s hard to say what the TV version of Dominic Fortune will be like. The safest bet, though, is that this is just ABC and Marvel taking a familiar name from the comics and doing something new with it, as comic book adaptations have done many times in the past.


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